Living and feeling good
in Bockenheim

Life confronts us with new challenges time and time again. Time is short and the things we have to do seem ever more complex. So it’s a good feeling living in popular Bockenheim, where all the conveniences of city life are directly to hand. Although Sophie occupies a tranquil location, the city’s shopping, nightlife, transport connections and workplaces are just a stone’s throw away. Kulturcampus Frankfurt is a landmark scheme in Bockenheim – a truly forward-looking urban development project for the city of “Mainhattan”. Bockenheim – a sophisticated spot for the people of today.

Bildcollage Bockenheim
Umgebungsplan Bockenheim

The metropolitan city
of Frankfurt

A vibrant metropolitan city like Frankfurt never sleeps. Self-fulfilment, company prospects, the value we place on culture and education –the dynamic of Frankfurt continues to accelerate. Statisticians predict the city’s population will grow by 100,000 to over 800,000 by 2030. The German banking capital scores most points with its international flair and superb transport connections. Districts such as Bockenheim benefit from the city’s increasing appeal. Everything is just round the corner – this is where a mature urban environment meets young newcomers.


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