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Interview with Alexander Gundolf

Senior project developer / WOHNKOMPANIE

Hello Mr Gundolf. Sophie is being developed in the city centre of Frankfurt. How important is this inner urban location for the building concept?
We at Wohnkompanie are basically of the opinion that in addition to fitting in with the existing urban environment, our architecture should support and promote the co-existence of people. Particularly in these times of significant demographic change, there will always be demand for new urban development and building concepts. In this case it means that we have been able to redevelop a formerly commercial site with an attractive apartment building. Our objective is to create contemporary and sustainable building design concepts and to keep the primary energy required for the operation of the building as low as possible. Sophie is therefore being constructed to conform to Effizienzhaus 55 standards.

People are still relocating to Frankfurt. What is it that makes the city so attractive?
In former times, city dwellers moved out to the country when children arrived, today everything is different. Work and family are best combined where work, living, children’s day care and schools are located close together just a stone’s throw away. This is the case in Frankfurt. Public transport is also particularly well developed here, and you can even cycle to work maybe. We think the cultural and sports facilities and also the wide selection of landscaped areas and parks make Frankfurt a particularly good place to live and explain its popularity.

How do you see the development of Bockenheim?
At the start of every investment project we make a detailed analysis of the location. In addition to all the statistical evidence, it is very important for us to understand the historical context of the location and above all how we expect the location to develop in future. There is both a history and a future in Bockenheim. The relocation of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University has made way for the redevelopment of the former campus into a sophisticated new city district. In our opinion this development will redefine the centre of Bockenheim and make it even more attractive in future.

Which is your target purchaser group for the Sophie project?
As with all our projects, our objective is to target the marketing at as widely diversified a purchaser group as possible. This was also the case with the Sophie development and the importance of this in terms of the apartment floor layout design was communicated to the designers from the very beginning. We have been successful in achieving a well-conceived mix of different apartment types and sizes, with highly differentiated micro locations. This now puts us in the position to identify a number of different purchaser groups with varying reasons for wanting to buy.

What are the most important criteria for the selection of apartment fit-out?
The most important factor in the selection of fit-out quality is amongst other things our own experience gained from our residential project Eastgate Living in the east end of Frankfurt. The deciding factor for us was the positive reaction from the purchasers of that project. It was also important for us to pay great attention to the design of the façade. We managed to reach a very high level in terms of design and urban development by the use of high quality materials and colours, which in our experience will result in the future owners and residents having a greater identification with their new homes.

What’s behind the name Sophie?
Our building is being constructed in Solmsstrasse. The street name goes back as far as the 15th Century to the bloodline of the aristocrat Graf von Solms. Several girls in the family have been named Sophie through the centuries – so we thought we’d give our building this nice-sounding name.

Maybe someone named Sophie will move into her namesake building. What would you say to that?
That would be a great story. In that case we would really have come up with something special. We at Wohnkompanie think this is a particularly pretty name and under the right circumstances this could be a great inspiration. Last but not least we really wanted our project to make a great impression on both families and also young couples who maybe will start a family. We think we have just the right apartments for them.

Many thanks for the interview.



Die Wohnkompanie Rhein-Main GmbH
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Iris Dilger

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Solms 25 GmbH
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Geschäftsanschrift: Bleichstraße 1, 60313 Frankfurt am Main

Iris Dilger

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Amtsgericht Frankfurt am Main


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